English Pour Tout Le Monde is an association based in Paris offering English learning opportunities to people in precarious situations that do not have the means to pay for traditional English lessons. The aim is to support economic empowerment, promote community and achieve a more equal society through education.


With the help of our volunteers, we provide group English sessions and extra-curricular activities. We work in partnership with other associations who assist refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and people experiencing difficulties.

High Fives


Please note that English Pour Tout Le Monde will take a pause for Summer starting the 1st July. We will be working in July on increasing and improving our programmes for when we restart in September. We will also be running some school holiday programmes for children for the first weeks of July.

We would love to hear from you if you are interested to volunteer, partner or be a participant with us from September onwards or for the Summer programmes. Please follow the different links below to register your interest or you can simply email us here.

Veuillez noter que English Pour Tout Le Monde prendra une pause pour l'été, à compter du 1er juillet. Nous travaillerons en juillet sur l'augmentation et l'amélioration de nos programmes lorsque nous redémarrons en septembre. Nous ferons également des programmes de vacances scolaires pour les enfants pour les premières semaines de juillet.

Si vous êtes intéressé de faire du bénévolat avec nous, faites un partenariat avec nous ou si vous souhaitez être un participant au programme à partir de septembre, veuillez suivre les différents liens ci-dessous pour enregistrer votre intérêt ou vous pouvez simplement nous envoyer un mail ici.


Our Story

English Pour Tout Le Monde is based on the belief that everyone (tout le monde) everywhere, no matter their circumstances in life should have access to education.

Our team met and started EPTLM when volunteering with another association in Paris. After being asked frequently about English learning opportunities, the team decided to start a trial. Since January 2019, we have been running informal English lessons with the help of our volunteers, twice weekly after serving breakfast to refugees, asylum seekers, homeless people and migrants with our partner P’tit Dej Solidaires in the 18th arrondissement. 

In the August 2020 EPTLM was accepted onto the SINGA incubation programme! 

Now in our second year of work, along with the support of SINGA, EPTLM is developing to offer more learning opportunities by working in partnership with established associations in Paris.



In 2016 Katie moved to Paris and has since tutored english and worked for an NGO running a volunteer food distribution programme. Whilst working in the NGO sector in Paris she continually met able and inspiring individuals on the streets who wanted to practice and improve their English language skills, but didn’t have the opportunity to do so. With this in mind, she along with the other co-founders decided to create English Pour Tout Le Monde. She now together with her team, coordinates the growth and day to day activities of English Pour Tout Le Monde.

Katie loves to read, hike and travel to learn about new cultures. She also co-created and runs a successful social action book club at Shakespeare and Co.
Katie believes that there is hope for a positive future for ALL, and intends that English Pour Tout Le Monde will be part of that future.


Since moving to Paris in 2012, Kathryn has been increasingly concerned by the ever-growing refugee/migrant and homeless crisis. As a result, she started to volunteer with food distribution charities in Paris and really valued the interactions with the people she was meeting on the streets. This then led to her joining the EPTLM team where she has helped develop the association. 


Kathryn really believes in the importance of taking time to exchange with people and that even where a common language is limited, very valuable and warming connections can be made.

Outside of English Pour Tout Le Monde, Kathryn continues to work with food distribution charities and link with other associations offering support to the refugee/migrant population. She also enjoys reading, music and Pilates



Abby moved to Paris in 2018 to pursue her studies in International Politics. Through her studies and her time living in Paris she got more involved and engaged with the refugee crisis in France. At her university, she got involved with the student-led charity STAR (Student Action for Refugees) and volunteered with a food distribution programme. From previously working in Digital Marketing, she wanted to help advertise EPTLM through social media promotion and help the programme reach as many people as possible. 


Coming from a family of immigrants, her dad having emigrated from Mauritius as a teenager and her grandparents from Ireland, she believes that everyone should have the right to free movement. She believes that everyone should have access to education and that exchanging languages is one of the most enjoyable and useful ways to do so. 



Adult Students


We run two different types of group lessons, either informal or classroom sessions.

In our informal sessions, the approach is more fluid as the audience can change each week and the different levels of English can be huge. Therefore, the style is more one to one and can range from teaching the alphabet to discussing climate change!

In our classroom sessions, a course structure and materials are provided but creativity is welcomed. These sessions are delivered by 2 to 3 volunteers and the audience should be the same each week.

Group Workout Session


We believe it is important to meet together outside of the classroom to share activities between students and volunteers and to practice English in a different way.

Therefore, each month we will propose different activities in English from yoga to boxing to painting and beyond.

These sessions are either delivered by our volunteers or other partners and we are always open to more ideas if you would like to do something too.

To see our current schedule, please click here.



If you are interested in volunteering with us, either on a regular weekly basis (for our classroom sessions) or on a more irregular basis (for our weekly informal sessions), please send us an email. Alternatively complete our short 'Volunteer Questionnaire' for us to know more about you. 


Teaching experience is not essential but is an added benefit for our classroom sessions.



We are always searching for new partners who are interested to have English courses available for the people they assist. We can adapt our course structure and content to the needs of your audience.

The partnership works with our volunteers providing the English course at a regular time each week. Our partner would ideally provide a place for the course to take place and would also be responsible for organising the people who would participate.

If you would be interested to meet us and discuss further, please let us know by email or alternatively you can complete the below quick questionnaire. 



Working Together