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At EPTLM, we believe that we all have the capacity to make a positive change in the world and we all have the ability to share, build bridges and show kindness! We depend on the generosity of our volunteers giving their time to animate our workshops, which is why we are always looking for more like minded people to join our association.

Are you over 18 years old, fluent in English, want to build relationships with people from all walks of life and be part of an exciting young association?

Are you passionate about education, learning about other cultures or can you teach a sport or art activity in English? 

Whether you are a professional teacher or someone who is new to Paris and wants to share your English speaking ability, we would love you to join our EPTLM community and start volunteering!  

We currently have four types of volunteering roles (descriptions below):

  1. Conversation Workshop Volunteer

  2. English Teacher Volunteer

  3. English Teaching Assistant Volunteer

  4. Sport and Art Workshop Leaders

Finally, a huge part of volunteering with EPTLM is building connections and relationships between volunteers and learners. In order to foster these connections, and for our participants to gain the most out of our workshops, we need to have consistent volunteers attending sessions. We understand that life can take unexpected twists and turns but we do ask that you are able to commit for a minimum of 3 months or for the full length of the 15 week course.

To apply for a volunteer role, please complete our questionnaire by clicking the button below. If you scroll down, you can see any live positions we have available. However, if there are not any currently, please feel free to complete the questionnaire anyway and we will come back to you when an opportunity becomes available.

Current Volunteer Positions

Below are the current specific positions we need to fill. However, if these are not suitable, please still do feel free to register your interest using the button at the top. You can see further descriptions of all roles below.


English Teacher Volunteer

As an English teacher volunteer, you will be responsible for leading and animating a class with a maximum size of 15 students and help the students to improve their English spoken and written skills in a safe and relaxed environment. You will be accompanied by at least one other EPTLM teaching assistant to aid you in facilitating the lesson. All courses run for 15 weeks and we have 2 semesters a year starting in Autumn and Spring.

All our EPTLM teaching volunteers are provided with training, necessary materials and course outlines. However, please note there is an element of class planning involved with these roles.


English Teaching Assistant Volunteer

As an English teaching assistant volunteer, you will help the EPTLM teacher to animate the course content to a group of maximum 15 students. You will be on hand to help facilitate group work, encourage students to participate and assist students who may need a little extra help. All courses run for 15 weeks and we have 2 semesters a year starting in Autumn and Spring.

All our EPTLM teaching assistant volunteers are provided with training, necessary materials and course outlines. However, please note there is an element of supporting the teacher with class planning involved with these roles.


Conversation Workshop Volunteer

As a conversation workshop volunteer, you will help adults learning English improve their conversational English skills and gain new vocabulary in a safe, informal and small-group setting.  

You will share conversations about food, cultures and film and many other subjects while helping people with any challenges they have with English. We try and end every session with a short language exchange so you may even come out of the session learning a few words in Dari or Arabic!   

To ensure all our EPTLM volunteers feel comfortable leading discussions we provide training and materials, as well as regular check ins from our volunteer coordinators.

Sport and Art Workshop Leaders

To develop our community and encourage the everyday use of English, we want to host regular socio-linguistic events (mainly sports and cultural), for example circuit training, yoga or cooking in English. These workshops are open to all our volunteers, participants and the public on a ‘Pay as you feel’ basis (all proceeds going towards the association). As a socio-linguistic workshop leader you will lead a session of no more than 15 people and you will always have a EPTLM volunteer/team member on hand to help assist you. We are open for you to suggest anything you feel comfortable to lead a workshop in.

Our EPTLM team will organise any materials or space for the session if needed.  

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